I love to Read, write, and edit on-line journals & blogs... Some of my blogs are

  • Health Clock : Some awesome articles concerning our health issues and relevant topics
  • Education And Training : The purpose of this blog is to share educational and enlightening stuff :)) for Education And Training purposes…….
  • Heart2God : Some stories, some meaningful moments direct from your heart to almighty god
  • Computer Clock : A 2 Z : All about computers, Its all about computer jargon to ever-changing guide of the latest technologies
  • No Smoking Club (NSC): Smoking is not just injurious, Its a social evil
  • Why you are prejudiced? : One of the Top 10000 Verve Beta Blog for fighting against discrimination
  • Australian Visa & Important Information : Information for those people who wants to apply for australia or who needs asssitance with proper referencing
  • Relationship-Zone: Sometimes fun, sometimes serious : Just like relations
  • Discover Zone: discover your potential, Answer simple questions (Sample paper for IT Students)
  • Stories Zone: The best web-blog for stories
  • Sukh Zone : Its simply my zone, I mean my blog for entertainment purposes only
  • Sukh Sandhu’s Blog : My first blog-site which is nominated many times as the best web-log


And many many more…

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    Welcome to! A lecturer, entrepreneur, consultant, and webmaster at your service.
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    Sukh Sandhu is a highly qualified and professional individual who has vast experience in diverse fields. He is an educationist. Using his expertise and experience in diverse fields, he can serve as an RTO consultant, Compliance consultant, and CRICOS consultant.


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