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I have professional work-experience and qualifications which has certainly helped me to understand and manage social media’s (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.), including daily monitoring, posting, and content development.

I have coordinated and implemented social media marketing communication projects with responsibilities that include social media advertising and creating brand awareness online.

I have my own forums and chats websites where I am working as Moderator of forums and chats since 2002.

I have experience of Initiating conversation through forums, twitter and postings and prepared status reports on social media efforts and success rates.

My role as a Social Media Expert (SME) included the following:


Investigating within staff, membership, media & other stakeholders to develop content for publication;


Writing articles for publication online with a view to them being repurposed in print;


Using appropriate photographic, videographic, editing/animation, widgets & other viral communications tools to develop engaging content for online delivery;


Administering Content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla with little supervision. Using email, instant messaging, SMS and profiles on online social utilities/environments to deliver content and respond to content generated by users (eg: forums, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter);


Using project management tools in achieving the above and participates in a process of continuous improvement;

Advertising (outward)

Identifying appropriate and effective online advertising opportunities; coordinates specifications with inventory owners; and

Advertising (revenue raising)

Coordinating the promotion of organisation online advertising inventory to appropriate advertisers. Places advertisements on websites according to organisation’s needs and rules.

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